Hi! My name is Eric. Here's a little story about me.

My background.

I graduated with a B.S. in Biological Sciences and a minor in Informatics at the University of California, Irvine. Learning about the numerous components that make up the human body and how they work together was extremely fascinating. But...

After taking some time to reflect post-graduation, I realized creating was something I loved to do since I was young. I drew art and sold it to my elementary school friends; created Youtube profile backgrounds (when that was a thing); edited gaming montages to share with my friends and family.

I did more of what I loved to do.

During college, I broke out of my shell and joined Kababayan, a Pilipinx-American cultural organization. There, I was able to express myself creatively through designing social media graphics while making new friends. I eventually was given opportunity to spearhead all designs needed for Kababayan's Pilipinx-American Culture Night, UCI's largest cultural show on campus.

My first encounter with UX.

During junior year, I participated in UCI's 2019 Opioid Hackathon which focused on tackling a specific dimension of the opioid epidemic. We were tasked to create an application that provided a local directory for available treatments and providers for opioid use disorder.

It was during this experience where I learned that you can create applications without having to code through a prototyping software called Figma. I thought this was the coolest thing ever.

All it took was a little belief.

To my advantage, I was able to leverage a lot of the skills and experience I gained during college to greatly expedite my journey of self-learning UX Design.With perseverance and lots of caffeine, I landed my first UX design role and the rest is history!

My favorite things to do.

Outside of design, I like to play video games, discover new places to eat, drink coffee, and do all kinds of active things like walking, boxing, and hitting the gym!

The CW Network

04/2023 - Present
Designer, User Experience
I’m working on a lot of cool features and co-leading some designs for our Desktop, mobile, and connected TV platforms to keep users engaged in browsing and watching our growing library of content.

UCI 2019 Opioid Hackathon

04/2023 - Present
UI Designer
A 30-hour, collaborative, computer-programming event focused on creating a software application that provides a local directory for available treatments and providers for opioid use disorder. This was my first taste in prototyping and had the privilege to lead the visual and interaction design.

Kababayan at UCI

04/2023 - Present
Programs Coordinator
Created the overall show design for UCI's largest student-ran production of over 300+ cast members. I worked on design projects such as apparel, show program, yearbook, poster, marquee, social media graphics, board badges, trading cards, pins, Snapchat geo-filter, and marketing materials.